Aryn Elaine is a renowned medical intuitive, healer, C-suite advisor, actress, author and multilingual entrepreneur with a decade-long background in advertising and finance. she has worked on a collective of 200+ film, television, commercial and theatrical sets in multiple roles behind and in front of the camera.

in 2010, Aryn Elaine launched NYRA Productions, a company that has co-produced and collaborated on a number of theater projects, independent films and television shows. the current focus of NYRA Productions includes creating and supporting projects of any size or scope which match Aryn Elaine’s love of all things metaphysical, galactic, and medical as they relate to our intangible realms and awareness.

Aryn Elaine has appeared in several films, and in a variety of television shows such as “Ugly Betty” and “All My Children”. as an artist, she will continue to examine opportunities that support her love of creative energetic exchange and expression (acting) through the biggest tool for change that exists on our planet: MULTIMEDIA. she feels strongly about her soul’s purpose aka obligation to present truth and awareness by leveraging media and, (if it must be this way!) even, pop culture.

as a writer and author, Aryn Elaine aka A. Elaine (pen name), has published a series of eBooklets which can be purchased on both Amazon and E-junkie (as well as via her blog): she is currently organizing her first “big” book with a subsequent book deal. her work in the multimedia field has led to external interest and opportunities for her ghostwriting, content development and executive creation for television and film projects centered around metaphysical, medical and scientific subject matter.

known simply as “Elaine” in the quantum healing and alternative medicine arena, she has worked with upwards of 2,000 diverse individuals. Aryn Elaine is a unique pioneer of healing and energy medicine in the worlds of medicine, science, corporate, entertainment and holistic; she is the founder/owner of Energy Medicine & Reiki Therapy by Elaine: Bridging The Gap Between Medical & Spiritualâ„¢ – an energy medicine, healing and consulting practice located near Central Park West. this year, Energy Medicine & Reiki Therapy by Elaine has forged soon-to-be-announced partnerships with large companies and brands whose visions and needs match the ethics and offerings of EMRTE.

Aryn Elaine holds a BA from Northeastern University, and a degree in Modern Languages from Universidad de Granada in Granada, Spain. she continues to travel and spend time with highly respected religious leaders (canvassing various religions), monks, doctors and other said healers.

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